Good Mental Health Has No Age.Good Mental Health is Ageless.

A healthy mind It is so important as a body fury

Good mental healthcan help;

• Enjoy more of life.

• Handle difficult situations.

• Stay better connected with your family, your friends and your community.

• Keep your body strong.

Having good mental health it does not mean that you never you will feel ad, lonely or dejected. But when these feelings upset your life or remain in your being for a long time, it can be there is one more problem ande. two

Unusual feelings of sadness or depression can occur when

• You have to move out of your home.

• Your loved ones get sick or die.

• You have to depend on others to go places or to do simple things that you used to do itself.

• Physical health problems seem overwhelming

In addition to feelings of depression, some of the following changes in behavior may suggest the existence of other emotional problems;

• Easily afflicted or upset

• Lack of energy to do things what he wants to do, or the things he used to do do

• Changes in their sleeping habits

• Growing lack of memory

• Feeling afraid of things

• Changes in your eating habits

• Neglecting housework

• Cry much

• Having problems with handling

• Believe that you can not do something useful, something worthwhile

• Feeling confused

• Getting lost frequently

• Spending a lot of time alone

• Spending very little time with friends, or not see them at all

• Feeling discouraged or overwhelmed

• To think that it is not worth living the lifetime

• Think about harming yourself



Here are some things that You can do if your depression or changes in
his behavior last more than two weeks:

• Talk to your doctor or other profes sional that provides health care.
Explain exactly how you is feeling and clarify that it is
different from how you used to feel. They can diagnose some
problem and suggest options for treatment.

• Share your feelings with a friend, some member of the family or
with a spiritual counselor. Sometimes these people can distinguish
changes that you do not notice.

Ask a member of the board for advice staff of a center for people elderly or another program in which you participate